What is SAEx® ? How is it pronounced and how do I use it?

SAEx®  is the acronym for SINGAPORE ATTRACTIONS EXPRESS  and is read the same way as ‘sex’ (Are we being naughty? Well, it certainly gets us noticed and injects some fun into mundane travel).  

SAEx® is a unique network of government licensed express bus services connecting the city with all the major attractions in Singapore for everyone’s convenience, tourists and locals alike. The SAEx®   concept was created, pioneered by BUS HUB Service Pte Ltd who created the SAEx®  routes and operated by Gemini Travel n Tours who owns and operates the licenses for the routes.

There are many ways to use and enjoy SAEx® services :

On our home page you can select any attraction and the system will guide you through the process of booking your tickets for the attraction including the suggested schedules.

Or you could choose to plan your trip by going to "PLAN TRIP" page from the Top Menu and pick all the attractions you would like to visit and let us help you plan your tour itinerary.

Or if you prefer you could just go to the ‘SCHEDULE’ page  and choose your preferred pick up point for a SAEx®  bus to your destination. You will then see the relevant SAEx®  services and scheduled times. Decide which timing suits you and just hop onto the bus at the scheduled time and place, and pay on the bus. Alternatively you may reserve seats by booking on line and getting the Gemini Travel n Tours Pte Ltd Pass.

We always look forward to being of service to you. 

Gemini Travel n Tours is a DMC providing transport, travel and tour experiences since 2008.  

Travel is about more than buying packages, air-tickets and finding accomodation.   It is about a memorable experience, which takes planning, and requires information and knowledge.  At Gemini Travel n Tours Pte Ltd, we acquire the vital travel information so you can make better, more informed travel decisions. We want you to create your own travel experience!



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